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Put yourself in the public eye in a matter of seconds with folding A-Frames from Expandasign.   As pioneers in portable advertising, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with innovative products that will fit into any situation.
Each A-Frame comes standard with the same high-quality features you’ll notice on all of our portable branding products:

  • specially-engineered fabric that is UV resistant and colourfast once printed upon
  • the option to print different images on either side
  • top-quality inks and the latest printing technology
  • weatherproof and durable parts


    1. Instant advertising – The A-frames are pop-up banners so they bounce into shape within seconds. The banner itself requires no assembly and is, therefore, putting your brand on the map from the moment you open it.
    2. Choice of size – We offer a variety of sizes and shapes in A-frame banners. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a horizontal and vertical pop-up banner.
    3. Fold up and go – The flexible frame means you can fold up the banner and stow it away in a matter of moments. Each one comes standard with a useful carrier bag, making transport to and from venues very simple.
    4. Rooted to the spot – All of our A-Frames come with built in pockets for you to fill with sand in order to weigh them down. They also come with the option to be staked into the ground.
    5. Illuminate – The shape of these banners provides a space in which you can place a light inside the frame. Lighting up the banner from within means that you can make a statement – even in the dark!.
    6. Mobile branding – As an added extra, you can get car straps in order to attach your banner to the roof of a vehicle. However, this is only available for the smaller sizes.

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