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Mounting Systems

  • Angle mount
  • Horizontal Rotating Spindle
  • Ground Stake
  • Metal Base Plate
  • Folding Stand
  • Angle mount Angle mount
  • Horizontal Rotating Spindle Horizontal Rotating Spindle
  • Ground Stake Ground Stake
  • Metal Base Plate Metal Base Plate
  • Folding Stand Folding Stand

Mounting Systems

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Expand a Sign has developed a unique banner hardware mounting system which offers versatility and value.   There are 8 components, which can be mixed and matched for a variety of indoor and outdoor, temporary and permanent mounting options.


  • Stronger, lighter aluminium pin
  • Lightweight folding base
  • Can be used as a universal folding base or as a wall mount
  • Additional branding area on foot of base
  • Interchangeable components – more cost effective
  • Wheelchair, pram & trolley friendly
  • Weightbag is self contained – water or sand can be used
  • Non spark – suitable for garage outlets

Other Banner Hardware options

Our mounts and clamps are built with strong, durable materials to give you excellent support in all installations.

  • Metal Base Plate – weighing 9kgs, this base is a perfect indoor or outdoor option. Includes rotating horizontal spindle.
  • Ground Stake – This steel stake can be hammered into earth or sand to support Flying, Feather or Wing Banners.
  • Vertical Wall Mount – This bracket has a flat section for fixing to a wall.   It provides secure attachment for medium-sized Flying, Feather or Wing Banners.
  • 28 Degree Wall Mount – This bracket has a flat section for fixing it to a wall and an extension that displays your signage at a comfortable 28 degree angle providing great visibility. It’s for permanent installations and provides secure attachment for medium-sized Flying, Feather or Wing Banners.
  • Car Mount – If you want to put your car to good use, this bracket gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. It supports spindle-type banners – Flying, Feather and Wing – and incorporates a U-shaped base which can be secured to a car tire.
  • Rotating Horizontal Spindle – This small base can be bolted onto a variety of level surfaces – cement or rubber bases, floors or on top of walls. It also has a pin on a bearing to allow your flag full rotation.
  • Folding Stand – This lightweight option has legs that retract and fold for ease of transportation.  More suited to indoor use, it can be used outdoors when either staked or used with a sandbag.


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