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Caring for your Banner

Here’s a few tips to help you extend the life of your banner.Expandasign_2 year warranty square

    • When inserting the rod, push it to the end of the sleeve to avoid the top chaffing against the fabric.
    • Ensure the rods are flush fitting for extra durability,
    • Ensure the banner has even tension by pulling the cord or pressing the button on the ratchet to release the tension.
    • Erect the banner in an area big enough or 360 degree rotation so it doesn’t rub against walls, plants, street signs etc.
    • Use the correct hardware for the correct surface, for example a stake for snow or sand, a universal base on tiles or carpets.
    • When using a ground stake, ensure the ground is clear of any obstacles such as pipes and rocks.
    • Take care when hitting the stake into the ground to ensure you do not hit the spindle
    • Before putting up the banner, ensure it will be clear of overhead cables when standing at it’s full height.
    • Clean with warm, soapy water.
    • Dry thoroughly before packing away
    • To increase the lifespan of your banner, take down at night or in winds exceeding 25knots. Remember, colour lasts longer in the shade.