Bespoke wallpaper

Give your walls a new dimension

With custom printed wallpaper from Expandasign. Premium quality guaranteed, durable, made to your specifications (no size limit) and cost effective. 

Full colour printed with non-toxic inks, there are many types of materials to select from. 

You can even design it yourself.

PVC printed wallpaper

Water activated, impregnated adhesive matte wallpaper for internal walls. Easy to apply and remove.

Deco mural

A heavily textured woven textile surface to give a whole other look to your design ideas. Beautiful colour reproduction and a permenant adhesive make for a durable wall mural.  


CANVEX customised wall canvas transforms interior walls into branding statement, billboards, huge artworkds and creative backdrops.

Check out our video below.

Wall wrap brick

A self adhesive glass white or clear film that can be applied directly to brickwork or concrete.

Wall wrap interior

For the shorter term display on interior smooth, flat surfaces. The matte white vinyl has a special removable adjesive that allows easy application and can be repositioned easily without leaving behind residue. Ideal for point of sale promotions. 

Satin wallpaper

A slightly textured, satin wallpaper that comes in a prepasted and non-pasted version. The coating and print are water resistant. PVC Free. 

Design your own custom wall murals

Using the HP Wallart tool 

Add your own personal touches by desiging your own custom wall murals. Use this fantastic new tool to create your artwork, then send it to us and we’ll print it for you. We’ll even help you choose the right product to print on.  

Make a statement with Canvex removable wallpaper

Canvex is an exciting product, loved by designers, with multiple applications. It’s a self-adhesive textile that will stick anywhere. It can even be applied to wet surfaces outside.

It is easily applied and removed and can be re-used many time. It is tear and wrinkle free and has been wind tested up to 800 kph.

Canvex will stick to walls, carpets, glass and much more.

  •  EASY TO INSTALL – and/or relocate
  •  COST EFFECTIVE – alternative to painting or traditional wallpaper
  •  ENDLESS CHOICE OF DESIGNS – only limited by you imagination 
  •  DURABLE – and long lasting 
  •  GREAT TEXTURE – and feel 
  •  NO SHRINKAGE – or movement with wea 
  •  CUSTOM MADE – to any length
  •  Perfect for home, office or retail

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