Street flags

Great for catching the attention of passengers travelling along roads

Where there are no ‘arms’ on the posts available, Expandasign supplies two horizontal elbows and rods. The elbows are attached to a pole top and bottom with jubilee clamps. The rods slide inside the sleeve of the banner and attach to the elbows.

The banner is secured to the pole with cable ties or shock cord to prevent it from sliding off. 

Been to Rotorua in the last 10 years?

You’re bound to have seen our Street Flags in action then! 

Street flag benefits

  • VERSATILE – skins are easy to change  
  • HIGH VISIBILITY – branding is clearly visible from afar 
  • SIMPLE TO USE – easy to set up and take down
  • PORTABLE – get your brand seen anywhere  
  • PRINTING – print double or single sided 

Set up in under 1 minute


  • Print options – single or double sided
  • Fabric – Lightweight (single sided) and Lightweight block-out (double sided)
  • Right or left orientation
  • Outdoor use
  • Steel bracket with steel pole fitted using wingnut
  • Customer options: eyelets, pocketed poles, rod and elbow
  • Can be reskinned – use your existing hardware and just change the fabric skin 

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