Sign install

So you’ve ordered new signage…

Exciting times. But who’s going to install the sign for you? Who knows the ins and outs of signage? The H&S requirements? Has the right certification and tools? And knows the best way to the get the job done right, direct time?

We do.

We know our work is only as good as the final product looks, so we carry the same care and attention to details through to our install services.

Whether it’s assembling or dismantling all the branding at your event, putting up a window graphic, or installing a sign on the front of your building, we know exactly what we’re doing.

How it works


You contact us


Tell us what you’re after, when you need it by, and how we can gain access


We quote it up


When we quote, we stand by it. We consider every job carefully to ensure everything has been covered.


We get it done


Our installers are professional, certified, and clean up after every job


Job done


But we’re only completely done when you’re 100% happy

Sign installation from Cape Reinga to Bluff

Expandasign has an experienced in-house and contract sign installation team who can erect your signage anywhere in the country. We can arrange for the full service on your behalf, and we take complete responsibility for every job. 

Self install signs

Our portable signage products are so quick and easy to use that you won’t need to hire someone to install them. Yes, you read that right! 

You’ll be able to DIY after watching a short view on how to erect them. 

Still unsure? See for yourself how loads of our products go up in less than a minute. But if you’d really like a hand, we’ll be there for you.

Need signage installed?